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For the first time ever... Break the Grey Interns will tour with Winter Jam 2020

Break the Grey (BTG) is a two-semester program designed to help you live life with purpose. Much like a gap-year program you will discover your calling and help make an impact in the world. BTG Internship cultivates and develops mission minded adults, while preparing them to function in today's culture. Our curriculum is designed to give you a balanced and strategic approach to developing a lifestyle of honor. Everyday life as a BTG intern is never boring with new adventures of traveling, leading, mentoring, and community outings. Your internship with BTG promises to be life changing for you and those you reach. We can't wait for you to dive in and use your gifts and creativity as we work together, see you soon!! 


As an intern you will work directly with Billy & Jodie Ballenger, (Founders of BTG) along with other BTG Staff, who teach strategic methods of real life leadership training. Through our leadership program you will be taught: communication tactics, resolution strategies, mentorship training, and potentially oversee one of our unique departments. You will acquire a vision for your life, as you are motivated by your leaders and peers. Your personal goals are important to us and we hope to facilitate your vision.

Performing Arts

We utilize performing arts and motivational speaking to make an impact in today's culture. You will be trained to conduct a school assembly program with thousands of students in your reach. Through our performing arts program you will learn the importance of The Arts through dance and skits. You will be trained in: public speaking, music, theatre, writing, film production, photography, and event managing. Not a performer? Don't worry, BTG uses your strengths to best utilize productivity within our ministry.

BTG Departments

During your internship you will grow and be challenged through our unique structure of non profit ministry development. On or off the road, you will mange and develop each department you are placed in. Our BTG departments include: Admissions, Communications, Partner Services, Film Productions, and Marketing Promotions. BTG departments challenge and grow you as a person. You will be given a wide variety of skill sets to use in your future career as you prepare for your next step in life.

Those Before You

"These past two years have been life altering. From the assemblies and events that set my heart on fire, to the christian teachings that revolutionized my walk in life, I cannot put into words how Break the Grey has changed my life forever. Because of this program, I now have the ability to dream, and then to dream even bigger. I want to especially thank my leaders for individually mentoring me and pouring into me relentlessly these past few years and my family for always loving and supporting me. They didn't give up on me, and because of that I am a completely different person than when I walked in the door August of 2016." Miranda Nose: Graduated BTG Internship Class of 2018



Your Personal Growth

  • Expand your knowledge in: video editing, graphic design, website design, marketing promotion, mentorship strategies, intern recruitment, and nonprofit development.

  • Experience a community atmosphere. We believe that together, shoulder to shoulder, we can bring acceptance, love, and fellowship into a culture of division. Discover the power within as you pursue personal growth.

  • Explore new places, go on tour, work backstage at a BTG event, and meet extraordinary people. Join this adventure and train for 9 months... 2 years... or even 3 years... with Billy Ballenger and BTG staff members.



BTG Internship is for students 18-24 who are graduating from high school; in college but not sure why; or college graduates who desire a season of life dedicated to God before they begin their careers. You must have a High School Diploma or GED to attend. If you are outside of the U.S. a Visa is required


Program cost is $5,000 for your 1st year (Financial aid is not available). Your tuition is broke up into (3) easy payments starting after you are accepted. Your tuition covers travel, housing, and food. There is a $25 non-refundable application processing fee


BTG provides all transportation for your internship. However you may bring your own car with proof of active insurance to use during your free time.


Break the Grey travels anywhere from once a month to four weeks out of the month depending on the booking and what team you are placed on.


Housing is included in your internship tuition. Break the Grey internship headquarters is located in Fort Wayne, IN


Due to the demands of travel, training, and touring our interns within our program do not hold a second job.